Deen the Bookman

T. H. P Dawood (Deen) who was born to a family in Colombo which undergoes immense financial hardship, left school at the age of fifteen. Looking for ways to make ends meet, by the age of twenty he was compelled to work at several places. Having learned the Sinhala language he also followed a course in short hand and type writing with the intention of joining his father who worked as secretary and typist for two lawyers at the Colombo Court premises.

Not having much knowledge of the English language nothing materialized, hence with the intention of going abroad and acquiring knowledge of the English language he joined Peter Bookshop ( a second hand book shop) in Maradana as a book repairer, where he pasted damaged books and also made paper bags with waste magazines. Within a short period he acquired knowledge about books and learnt the language, so he soon became the head of the shop.

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